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Fried Chicken livers with fresh Vidalia Onions

DSC_0641 copy

You know, the Vidalia onions are so good raw. They do not have this pongee aroma of regular onions, so you can eat them as they are, just sliced with a little bit of salt.

This is a recipe from Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgarian sweet onion was similar in taste to Vidalia .
In the 1980's there was a snack bar right in the center of town, where this dish was served.

So, this is what we need for 2 people

1 pound of chicken livers ( organic preferably)
½ of large sweet Vidalia onion sliced
Salt and black pepper
Frying oil – I use vegetable oil

Fry the livers in oil with salt and pepper until done and put in a dish. Put freshly sliced Vidalia over it.

P.S. If you add cold beer to it , you will enjoy it even more!

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